Dreaming of melon vines will make you sad.

The luxuriant melon vines in the dream show that the relationship between husband and wife or lovers is very good, but there are bitter and sweet.

Single people dream of melon vines, your love affair is good.

Case analysis of dreaming about melon vine

Dream description: What does it mean for my mother-in-law to dream of melons and gourds growing on the melon vine? I am pregnant now. Does it indicate that I will give birth to a boy or a girl ? I dreamed it when I was just pregnant?

Dream analysis: It indicates that your recent bad mood, the easier it is to vent yourself in front of a close person. Although everyone is not too careless, you still have to say thank you to the other party afterwards. Pay attention to adjusting your emotions. During pregnancy, it is easy to think wildly and affect your mood. It is recommended that you find other things to do so that you can enrich yourself so that you will not think so much.