Dreaming of the abundant fruit on the table or in the supermarket, symbolizing creativity or vitality, the desire for pregnancy , etc.

  Dreaming of ripe fruits usually symbolizes a comfortable and rich life and full of happiness.

  But dreaming of green and unripe fruits implies that you will experience sadness and pain.

  Dreaming of eating rotten fruit implies that you will encounter disasters and live in poverty.

  Dreaming of the distribution of fruits implies that the cost of living is too large, and profligacy will soon cause you serious economic pressure and may even go bankrupt, causing you to end up on the streets.

  Dreaming of eating seasonal fruits indicates that you will make new friends or deepen your friendship with old friends, often party, and live a happy life.

  Women dream of selling fruits, suggesting that you might divorce your husband.

  Dreaming that there are bright fruits on the withered tree, you may have unexpected valuable discoveries and harvests, and get wealth where others cannot find it.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Distributing fruits, master doom. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  See selling fruit, leave with your husband. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Fruit is born, unfortunately. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Fruits are ripe, the Lord is rich, and Kyrgyzstan. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Picking fruits, the main child is Takako. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: The food in the dream symbolizes the satisfaction of basic physical, emotional and spiritual requirements. If such dreams recur, then you should pay attention to whether you have always neglected certain needs.

  Fruit: Fruit symbolizes a rich life-including your pursuit of it and its ability to do so. In addition, the various colors of the fruit also represent very important meanings.

  Symbol of the spirit: the spirit of view from the perspective of, dream of water, fruit expressed strong creativity.

  Dream Case Study of Tomatoes

  Dream description: I don't know why in the dream, I have apples and pears on my head ... I think they look bad on my head, so I want to pull them out. But they grew close to my scalp, and they hurt a little when they were pulled out, but they didn't hurt ... (female, 21 years old)

  Dreamland analysis: Fruit on the head is a good sign. Generally, fruit is a symbol of love. But the growth of different fruits at the same time may symbolize that your love is a bit complicated, and in the relationship you finally understand what is involuntarily, making you feel helpless. Obviously, you are bothered by these kinds of things. You need to slowly solve these problems one by one. Although there will be some pain, you can still bear it, and it will not hurt you for the time being.