Dreaming of oil stains, you may have a little cleanliness, indicating that you can't stand the presence of dirty things.

Dreaming of oil stains on your body or clothes means that what you are doing may be a big mistake, reminding you to think carefully.

Dreaming of oily plates, utensils, and tools is a reminder to keep your nose free in the near future to avoid causing yourself trouble and loss.

Dreaming that the clothes were stained with oil, Jimeng, who was fortune coming. But the dream of clothes stained with blood is a precursor to ominous events.

The dream of stains means trouble and difficulty.

Generally speaking, any stain is a reflection of your troubles.

If you dream that the stain is small, it means that the troubles you encounter will be overcome by you soon.

If you dream of large stains, it means that you will encounter more difficult difficulties.

Zhougong Stock Market

The short-selling balance increased, the stocks whose prices rebounded were sold, and the stock market gradually fell.