Tea party is a gathering of old Chinese businessmen to trade in teahouses. It is popular in the Yangtze River valley, especially in Shanghai. At that time, businessmen from all walks of life will use the agreed tea house as a meeting place, drinking tea and communicating with the market and trading. Tea talks and talks about drinking tea. Wen Yue's poem "Entry" wrote: "Tea talks are slightly clean."

To dream of attending a tea party will make you an enemy of your boss.

Dreaming of a party means that the dreamer hopes to expand the social circle and make more friends, and it indicates that he will get more opportunities.

Dreaming that you are the protagonist of a birthday party means that your relationship will be in crisis.

Dreaming of the same-sex classmates at the party implies that there is a problem with the interpersonal relationship.

Dreaming of classmates of the opposite sex at the party means that you are alone.

To dream of yourself hiding in a corner and watching others happily partying from a distance means that you are eager to succeed or become a celebrity in your heart.

To dream of someone inviting you to a friend's party at his home implies that you should pay more attention to your own words and deeds in your recent social activities to avoid accidents, or making a fool of yourself, to embarrass yourself.

People who are about to start their own business dream of attending a party, indicating that they will achieve gratifying results, won praise and high praise, and be respected.