Dreaming of tacks means that you have a lot of leisure time, but it also fulfills the truth of doing nothing. Quarrel seems to be a way for you to regulate your life.

A woman dreams of pressing a tack, indicating that she will make a rather annoying opponent bow her head to court.

To dream of breaking your finger when using a tack indicates that she will complain about unsatisfactory work.

The nails in dreams are usually related to contradictions, cruxes, and difficulties that need to be overcome.

Dreaming of nailing nails means that you need to work hard to achieve satisfactory results.

Dreaming of smooth new nails indicates that although there are problems that need to be solved, you will receive unexpected good news.

Dreaming of buying and selling nails indicates that you will engage in noble work, even if your social status is low.

Dreaming of twisted and rusty nails symbolizes the process of trying to solve the problem, which may last for a period of time, with small mistakes and twists and turns.

Dreaming of picking up nails indicates that you will encounter difficulties, and you should make careful decisions in the near future.

An employee dreams of picking up nails, the workplace is full of turmoil, will encounter career setbacks, and may even be fired.

The businessman dreams of picking up nails, the business will lose money.

The patient dreamed of picking up nails, and his condition could hardly get better in the near future.