To dream of being kicked and beaten by a heavy-duty animal will cause unfortunate events and damage your business.

A penniless man dreams of a rich man kicking himself with his foot will soon become a rich man.

If a woman dreams of being beaten by her husband, the husband will spoil her more.

Dreaming of his wife kicking and beating yourself makes his wife love him more.

To dream of kicking someone else’s foot means you will be humiliated by others.

To dream of playing football or having a fierce football match indicates that your body is healthy and there will be a bunch of good friends getting along well. And if you are a person who loves football, it also implies that your football skills are only amateurs and will not have outstanding performances. Don't waste business because of this.

Dreaming of kicking football to score goals, your ball-handling status while playing football reflects your current life steps, free ball-handling means that you can control your life, and shooting at the last minute means that you can benefit in love , Can smoothly communicate with the person you like, and soon fall in love.

Dreaming of being sentenced to playing a red card during a football game indicates that you have not been going well in life recently. If you are injured in a football game, it means that you will be affected by others' right and wrong. And if you get a red card from the referee during the game and you are sentenced to play, it means that you have been a bit inappropriate in your recent words and deeds. You should pay attention to your behavior to avoid mistakes.

To dream that you are a football player, show your skills and control the ball freely in the game, indicates that everything in your real life is under your control, and you are going smoothly. Good luck will follow, but if you are in your dreams Welcome football star, it's just that your football is overheated, you think about it day by day and dream at night!

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: There are many ways to symbolize aggression. If you dream of kicking someone else, it means that he invaded others in an acceptable way. He may not act like this when he is awake. If he is kicked by others in his dream, it means he may be a victim.

Psychoanalysis: If the dreamer plays football in his dream, it symbolizes his need for self-control, but he also has the desire to control the external situation.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the kick in the dream expresses the dreamer's need for motivation.