Dreaming that the children are sweet and beautiful, warm joy will accompany you, and a lucky coat will cover you, shining with richness and happiness.

  Dreaming of many beautiful children heralds great prosperity and affectionate blessings.

  The mother dreamed that her child was suffering from a minor illness. She might see the child jumping around but had other troubles.

  Dreaming of children who are working or studying, expressing ordinary happiness in quiet days.

  Dreaming that your child is very sick or dying indicates that you are scared and that your child's safety and happiness are being threatened, which is very sad.

  Dreaming of your child who passed away means that soon you will be full of worry and disappointment.

  Dreaming that the child looks disappointed, indicates harassment from the enemy, and you are worried about what those seemingly friendly people are doing on the back.

  Dreaming about playing with children means that all your speculative business, love, and career will be successful.

  Many dream of cute kids child, that you will have a bright future, there are many people you bless.

  The mother dreamed that her child was sickened by the wind and cold, saying that although her child was very healthy, she could not rest assured.

  Dream child child is very sick, or dead, suggesting that there are great thoughts haunt you.

  Dreaming of a child concentrating on work or reading indicates that unfortunate things will happen in the near future that will worry you.

  Dreaming of an angry child, suggesting that someone will cause you trouble, and friends who are very friendly are not willing to continue to cooperate.

  Dreaming that you are playing with your children means that your career and love will go well with you.