Dreaming of a frivolous woman means that you will fight against a treacherous enemy.

To dream of killing a frivolous woman indicates that your wish will come true.

A young woman dreams that she prefers fur on frivolous women. It means that she will be protected and loved by a man, but this person is too jealous.

Dreaming of a very coquettish, charming and frivolous woman implies that you may have very cunning enemies to deal with. If you dream of killing her, it implies that the desire in your heart is about to come true.

Young women dream of being frivolous and coquettish, indicating that the dreamer feels potential danger in her heart, or is uneasy about sex, and hopes to be protected by a man.

The woman in the dream is blond and blue-eyed, and you will find that all the promises are very beneficial to you and make you very happy.

Dreaming of an unusually beautiful young woman, regardless of whether the dreamer is a man or a woman, may represent the idealized femininity in people's hearts, and express the dreamer's own yearning for this ideal image.

Seeing a coquettish woman in your dream indicates that you have cunning enemies that you need to conquer.

If you dream of killing a coquettish woman, it means that your desire will come true.

A young woman dreams of a coquettish woman, dreaming that her behavior is almost comparable to that of a coquettish woman, which means that she needs the protection of a man.