The reward in the dream is a symbol of good luck and promotion.

Dreaming of rewards indicates that you are a diligent and enterprising person, and hope that your efforts can be recognized and recognized in your heart.

Dreaming of verbal rewards indicates that good luck is about to come to you.

Dreaming of material rewards indicates that your status will be improved. Dream of rewards, don't be complacent, make persistent efforts to achieve better results.

Dreaming of rewards gives yourself a little room for buffering! When you are in the upswing of your career, you will have a full schedule without leaving any gaps! It is no surprise that there are so many opinions from family members and lovers. Just as a reminder, just like a safe distance between two cars, work and life are also there, leave space, you can often meditate, expand new paths, and adjust yourself in a better direction at any time!

To dream of winning a prize means to suffer a loss.

A man dreams of winning a prize, he will suffer a loss.

A woman dreams of winning, she will be a capable housewife.

If a student dreams of winning, he will fail in the exam .

A businessman dreams of winning, crosses the ocean to do business, and can make a fortune.

A man dreams of awarding himself, shocking his prestige.

When a woman dreams of awards, she will get a lot of money from her parents.