Dreaming of wearing handcuffs indicates that you are in a good fortune in the near future, and you will succeed in doing anything, indicating that you have a strong ability to execute.

  A single person dreams of wearing handcuffs, which indicates that your love fortune is not good recently, and there is a problem with the relationship between your lovers. Failure to resolve it in time will lead to a breakup.

  Candidates dream of wearing handcuffs, indicating that your recent exam results are very good, remember you can't be proud, or you need to strengthen your progress.

  The patient dreamed of wearing handcuffs, indicating that you are very fortunate in the near future. The condition that has not seen improvement is slowly recovering. I believe that I can be discharged home soon.

  Dreaming that you are handcuffed usually indicates that you will become famous, or that you will be in a lot of trouble. However, dreaming about such behaviors also symbolizes a warning to people with bad behavior. From a psychoanalytic point of view, such dreams may also indicate a potential desire for sexual abuse.

  Dreaming of yourself opening the handcuffs on someone else's hand indicates that you may be implicated, punished, and lost.

  Dreaming about others opening handcuffs indicates that you may be fighting with others. Be alert.

  Dreaming that you are handcuffed to others indicates that you will have a trustworthy friend who can share the hardships.

  Dreaming that your hands and feet are locked will indicate that you will have unexpected money and that someone will do business with you.

  Dream of someone locking and taking you away with a chain, reminding you to be careful that villains will frame you.