Dreaming of Maratha's death indicates that your fortune is very good in the near future. When you encounter difficulties, there will be noble people to lend a helping hand to yourself.

A newcomer in the workplace dreams of the death of Marathi, indicating that your fortune in the near future is very good, and your performance at work is very good, so you are valued by your boss.

Looking for a worker Dreaming of Marathi's death indicates that your job hunting prospects are bad recently, your performance has not been recognized, and it is difficult to get a job that suits you.

A tourist dreams of a dead person in Mala indicates that your fortune is bad in the near future. If you have the opportunity to go out, you will encounter danger on the way. It is recommended not to go out.

Dreaming of a horse pulling a coffin , the ambiguous relationship has finally become clear in these two days, but the personalities of the two parties are not very suitable, so there is a shadow in the joy; today is working overtime, as tired as running a marathon, it is better to go home and rest; money luck Generally, although the bonus is quite generous, you should not live too extravagantly.

Dreaming of Marathi's death, smooth wealth, no unexpected surprises, don't always think about getting it right once and for all, expecting the big pie in the sky, financial management is still one step at a time, and it is more appropriate to choose a low-risk investment project.

A case study of dreaming about the death of Mala

Dream description: Last night I dreamed of seeing two carriages pulling two coffins outside the door in my yard, one very luxurious and beautiful (the carriages and coffins are beautiful, and the carriages and coffins are all festive red). One is very ordinary (the carriage and the coffin are very ordinary). Passing by my door.

Later, I dreamed that there was a thief on the roof of my house. I was fighting with the thief and asking for help. (My family has a good relationship with the neighbors). The neighbor heard that the man wanted to save me. His wife shut it in the door and refused to let him. Come out and save me. Finally, I hit 110. After the police car came, the thief (bad guy) disappeared, as if he had escaped .

Later, I dreamed of swimming in the channel with a colleague from the unit (a married woman) . First in the still water, the water was not deep, so we walked in, deeper and deeper. Later, the water was so deep that it could submerge me. I just swam in the deep water, and then I swam along the water. I went to a place where people lived and was about to go ashore, only to find that I was not wearing clothes...Fact background: female, unmarried, 24 years old

Dream analysis: This is a self-expression dream. "Carriage" is the image of a man's status, and "coffin" is the image of a man. A beautiful person with status, a flexible and kind-hearted person who can steal the dreamer's heart; "Passing by my door" means that a man attracts me. I shouted "There is a thief, fight with the thief, and ask for help" is my performance, and I want to attract the attention of the "horse coffin". "The neighbor heard", the neighbor man was also attracted to me, but "Daughter-in-law refused to let him out to save" is the dreamer who thinks that his daughter-in-law is jealous of me and prevents her man from being attracted to me. "I have to call 110" to find another way, but the thief is gone (the thief is gone). Swimming with a female colleague in the unit is a dream of self-expression of work ability. "Swimming in deep water", dare to carry heavy burdens, and go to places where there are people, because I want to show others my work ability; "naked swimming" also wants to show my ability. Imagery. Dreamers have a desire to express themselves from their own charm and work ability, and they are given a good balance in the dream. The following dream did not say that it may be a sexual performance.