Dreaming that you are in a printing factory indicates that you are likely to be slandered and insulted by others.

To dream of running a printing factory indicates bad luck.

The young woman dreamed that her lover was related to the printing house. The lover she will have, neither spends a lot of money on her, nor does she want to invest time in caring for her, she can't figure out why he is so stingy.

Dreaming that there are printed words on paper means that the business you and your friends are discussing has not yet been negotiated.

For the lady, when she is removing those printed words, it indicates that she will be able to get a happy marriage and huge wealth after careful thinking.

Dreaming of a printer indicates that if you do not energetically make money, but spend money lavishly, you will wait to be with poverty.

A woman dreams that her lover or collaborator is a printer, indicating that her parents are very dissatisfied with the close friend she has chosen.