To dream of waiting for a plane in a busy airport implies that you have a desire to escape from the current environment, and a desire to pursue your ideals. It also implies that you may start a new trip or have a new plan.

If you dream of a lot of planes parked on the tarmac, it implies that you have too many thoughts, making you a bit at a loss, not knowing what to choose first, or not knowing how to decide your direction.

If you dream of hurriedly catching a plane or security check at the airport, it is a reappearance of work pressure in the past or recent. Maybe you used to be a busy "flying trapeze". In order to work hard in various airports, you are always worried about missing flights or plane delays. This situation makes you still have some lingering fears.

If you dream of sending people off at the airport, it implies that your past dreams have passed away, making you want to give up your thoughts and bid farewell to the important thoughts in your old heart.

If you dream of losing your ticket or luggage, missing the plane, or finding that the language at the airport is improper, or the currency is incorrect, such a dream means that there is too much pressure in real life, which makes you feel anxious, disturbed, or There is a sense of frustration.