Dreaming of a clothing store represents emotions and clothing.

If a man dreams that he is choosing clothes, it represents his personal feelings. If you can choose a satisfactory costume, it indicates that you have found an emotional home; otherwise, it indicates that you are a flowery person.

If a woman dreams that she is choosing clothes, it represents her personal life, indicating that you pay more attention to grooming yourself. This dream means that you will add new members to the "House of Costume".

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The clothes a person wears in a dream usually represent his external image in front of others. In the communication between people, everyone is capable of fulfilling their corresponding social roles. The clothes worn by others in the dream signify the social role played by this person.

Psychological analysis: clothing can protect the body, it can cover the soft parts of the body and sexual organs. You can understand your vulnerable parts by dreaming that a certain part of your body is not covered by clothes.

Spiritual symbol: From this perspective, clothes represent spiritual protection.