Pregnant woman's dream

  The pregnant woman dreamed that catching fish in the water was an auspicious dream, indicating that the dreamer would give birth to a healthy and lively son, and be rich and rich.

  The woman dreamed that catching fish in the water was a good dream, indicating that there would be a rich husband, a happy life, and inheritance of relatives' real estate. Pregnancy pregnant women during this dream, it is a good omen, meaning more than something good son.

  Dreaming of others catching fish in the water indicates that others will get rich, but they won't. It is a bad dream. But this dream is a good dream for pregnant women, indicating that the friends around them will have a good pregnancy just like themselves. The pregnant woman's husband dreamed of catching a lot of fish , and his wife would give birth recently.

  If a pregnant woman dreams that she catches a lot of fish , it is a good sign, implying that she may have multiple births! It all indicates that the fetus is relatively healthy.

  The pregnant woman dreams that she catches fish in the water, indicating that the success or failure of the dreamer in her life or career is in her own hands. As long as she works harder, she can succeed; the dream of the pregnant woman is a good sign of a successful delivery.

  Dreaming of not catching fish in the water, suggesting that the dreamer will have wealth in the near future, but if he cannot grasp it, he may pass away with wealth; if a pregnant woman dreams of this, she must pay more attention to her life or work in the near future Be careful.