The sweet and sour gooseberry symbolizes the bitterness and sweetness of life.

To dream that you are picking the fruits of the gooseberry tree is a symbol of the bitterness and sweetness after overcoming difficulties, and looking forward to your future career is also very promising.

If you are eating immature gooseberries, it means that in the pursuit of joy, you will become obsessed with material comforts due to a little mistake and cannot extricate yourself.

Seeing a gooseberry tree in your dream indicates that you will avoid dangerous tasks.

Young women eat gooseberries, suggesting that she is a little dissatisfied because her expectations have not been fully realized.

Case study of dreaming about gooseberry tree

Dream description: I dreamed of returning to my childhood, picking vinegar in the mountains with my childhood partner to eat. When I was young, a few friends often went to the mountains to pick wild fruits to eat. Among them, vinegar was also a kind of wild fruit that was often picked.

Dream analysis: Just like the hard life in the past, gooseberry was only eaten in the past when there was a lack of food and drink. Gooseberry represents the hardships of life, and its sweet taste symbolizes the hardships and happiness. Dreaming of this dream, the other is that real life makes you feel like this. The hard days of the past are gone forever. As you grow up, through hard work, you will become richer and richer. You no longer have to pick wild fruits and eat. But occasionally think of the days at that time.