Persimmons are round in shape and bright in color. Like a lantern, they are a symbol of auspiciousness and celebration in dreams.

Persimmon means something happened. It may be a good thing or a bad thing for you, but this matter is very important to you personally regardless of the outcome. Red persimmons represent satisfactory results, results, and achievements.

Dreaming of a persimmon tree means that you are eager to succeed, but the time is not ripe. Waiting for the time, you will surely succeed.

Dreaming of persimmon trees also means that you are eager for success. It takes time to wait.

To dream of picking persimmons from a tree to eat. Eating persimmons indicates that you are about to accomplish something in your career and that your body will be healthy.

To dream of someone giving you persimmon indicates that your body will recover soon.

Dreaming of large tracts of persimmon trees and all pink persimmons is a good dream. Something that makes you happy is about to come.

A pregnant woman dreams of eating persimmons, persimmons, persimmons, whether it is a male or a female, a child! You will give birth to a boy! Congratulations!

The patient dreams of eating persimmons indicates that the dreamer will soon be healed, and will be stronger and healthier than before.

A businessman dreams of eating persimmons indicates that the dreamer's business or investment will be very successful. Even if he encounters some obstacles, he will have an honorable person to help him through the difficulties at the critical moment.

A student dreams of eating persimmons indicates that the dreamer is very popular and there will be many good classmates, which will be of great help to the future life.

The elderly dream of eating persimmons indicates that the dreamer will live a long and healthy life, and that the children will be filial and able to have a happy old age.

A man dreams of eating persimmons indicates that the dreamer will have good luck, career and relationship development will be smooth, and he can marry a gentle and beautiful woman as his wife.

A woman dreams of eating persimmons indicates that the dreamer will be healthy and have a husband who loves her.

Case study of dreaming about persimmon persimmon tree

Dream description: I dreamed that I was taking an exam . There were many people in the examination room. I found a place to sit down. The examinee next to me seemed to be not here for the exam. He was talking insignificant things to me, as if he looked down on me. When taking a political examination, someone suddenly took a big jar of persimmons, red ones, and said they were brought from Tibet. I said I hadn’t eaten them, but they felt very sweet.

Dream analysis: Persimmons are brightly colored and hung on the tree like red lanterns, symbolizing auspiciousness. Dreaming of someone sending persimmons during the exam indicates that your exam is quite good. If there is an exam, you will be ideal. Achievement.