Dreaming of picking chestnuts indicates that your parents are healthy.

Dreaming of peeling chestnuts, you may solve a long-term unsolvable problem.

To dream that you are frying chestnuts or cooking chestnuts, beware of being deceived by someone you trust.

Dreaming of eating chestnuts indicates that you may have an unusual relationship with the opposite sex.

To dream of processing chestnuts indicates a loss in business, but there will be a comfortable partner in life.

A young woman dreams of eating chestnuts or using chestnuts for divination, she will have a wealthy lover and lead a wealthy life.

Zhougong Stock Market

To dream of eating chestnuts indicates that the stock market implies cautious handling, and there is a downward trend.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who eat chestnuts have separation. Dreamsmeaning Book