The housewife dreamed of celery, indicating that she had a good house and a frugal life.

  Dreaming of someone else giving yourself celery indicates that you will get unexpected money.

  Dreaming of giving celery to others means that the interpersonal relationship is smooth, and you will be trusted by many friends by virtue of being honest and trustworthy.

  Dreaming of seeing celery indicates that your career will be prosperous and exceed your expectations.

  Dream of fresh, frangible celery sticks, you will be more prosperous and influential than you hope.

  Dreamed that the celery was decaying, and soon your family would die.

  Dreaming of eating celery heralded good health and a smooth life. Love and friendship will surround you.

  The young woman dreamed of eating celery with her lover, indicating that she would become rich.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream Water Celery, Kyrgyzstan. This white product can be enjoyed in the Zongmiao Temple; the taste of clear fragrance can be presented to the prince. Dream water celery, the subject God has sincerity. Dream of eating water celery, the attending family has a frugal festival. Dreaming that someone else gives you celery, has an unexpected fortune; dreaming that I give people celery, has a relationship of agreement. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream water celery. Those who dream of dreaming have the sincerity of God as the principal; those who dream of eating treat the family and save money. "Secret Secretary"