Dreaming about rulers, prime ministers, heads of state, or other important people in important positions has a dual meaning. On the one hand, it means that you have the desire to be close to glory and wealth, gain power and wealth, and obtain honor and fame; on the other hand, it also means that you will take responsibility and bear the sorrow and troubles.

To dream that the leader of the country is very wise and that the people live a happy life and will soon be deported.

To dream of shaking hands with the Prime Minister implies that you will have a noble person to help you realize your own wishes; if you happen to be able to make a fortune, then you will take the red fortune, and maybe you will have an unexpected huge fortune immediately.

Dreaming of meeting with celebrities in history indicates that relatives and friends will suffer from illness. It is necessary to give gentle comfort to friends who are sick or infirm.

To dream of paying tribute to the chairman indicates that you will receive good news, may be promoted, or transferred to a more important department overseas to fully demonstrate your ability and talent.

To dream that the prime minister or important person asks you for advice like a friend, it implies that you wish to establish a close and trusting relationship with your parents or important authorities in work and life, or that you wish to be entrusted with important tasks.

To dream of receiving documents or other items from the chairman indicates that your efforts and contributions will be recognized by the leader, promoted, or commended, rewarded, etc., and will be envied by people.

To dream of changes in the country’s ruling system indicates that you can win the country’s highest honor.

To dream of enduring suffering in a terrible country, dreaming of people will be rich.

The ruler dreams that the people are extremely dissatisfied with his rule, which means that he can get the heartfelt support of the people, the political situation is stable, and the people live and work in peace and contentment.

The king or national leader dreamed that the whole country is satisfied with his rule, which means that the people are full of grievances and a revolution will erupt.

The emperor in the dream symbolizes patriarchy according to the psychological analysis point of view. Generally speaking, men dream of seeing the emperor in yellow robe in a splendid room like in a TV series, indicating that they will be promoted and become rich and prosperous.

A woman dreams of the emperor indicates a happy life and a worry-free life.

The businessman dreams of the emperor indicates that his wealth is growing and his business is booming.

Dreaming of being summoned by the emperor indicates that people in the officialdom will be promoted. In addition, having this dream may also indicate that there may be disturbances in the work, especially to pay attention to matters involving large financial expenditures.

Dreaming of having a conversation or conversation with the emperor implies that you will embark on the path of honor by virtue of the guidance of your elders or the help of the noble.

Dreaming of being punished by the emperor symbolizes the prosperity of the family business, the prosperity of the family, and the full of descendants.

If you are the emperor in your dream, you are reminding you to listen to opinions from all quarters, take into account the overall situation, and avoid being arbitrary.