Dreaming of a doll is usually a good thing, symbolizing having a child or nostalgia for childhood.

A married woman dreams of a doll indicates that she will be happy and give birth to a beautiful boy.

But if the husband dreams of a doll, it means that his wife is going to give birth to a girl .

An unmarried girl dreams of a doll, she will get married and start a family.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: A doll represents how you feel when you dream of becoming a child. It symbolizes seeking comfort. In addition, it also represents some of your undeveloped character.

Psychological analysis: learning with a game nature is easier. If you dream of a doll, it implies that you must review the forgotten lessons of your childhood.

Spiritual symbol: The doll in the dream represents the soul of a certain person. Induction or magic can be used to help its development, but it can also be harmed at the same time.