Dreaming of an iron gate means that you will struggle for survival.

To dream of coming in from an open door can control the commercial market.

Dreaming of a closed door makes you encounter difficulties.

Dreaming of an iron gate means that you will struggle for survival.

To dream of heavily armed soldiers guarding the gate will seek employment in the military department.

Dreaming that you are about to enter the gate, but is blocked by the guard, you will feel uncomfortable.

A pregnant woman dreamed of entering the gate unimpeded, which means that the childbirth went smoothly and gave birth to a boy.

To dream of a thief entering the house and looting indiscriminately means that your family will be in disaster. If the thief steals the money, it means that your recent fortune is bad and you may lose a lot of money.

To dream of the door opening at home is an auspicious dream. If the door opens by yourself, it implies that you want to cultivate the feelings of the couple. If the door is opened and there are people coming and going in the house, it means that someone in the house will be promoted.

Dreaming of the door in your home means that you will nurture a very talented person in your home, who will make your neighbors envious. If the door is very broken, it means that there may be changes in the home.

Dreaming of the coffin being carried in the door indicates that your recent fortune is good, and you can also make a fortune, so you must hurry up and seize the opportunity.

To dream that the door in your home is closed means that things will not go smoothly. If the furnishings in the home in the dream are still messy and full of clutter, then things will be even more ups and downs.

To dream of the coffin being lifted out of the door implies that you are making friends improperly, and you are not willing to repay the money borrowed from you, and you are helpless and cannot think of a good way.

Dreaming of potholes in front of your house, muddy and uneven, this is to imply that the things you planned recently are not good, and even if you implement them, they will not succeed.

To dream of opening and closing the door of the closet indicates that the interpersonal relationship is lucky. If you have any difficulties, elders must come to help. If your relationship with your lover is not satisfactory, you may wish to ask your elders how to deal with it.

To dream of driving a friend out of the house indicates that life will encounter misfortune.

To dream of knocking at the door means that you are in a difficult situation. Although you are working hard at work, you may be troubled by job transfer or job promotion, and no one can help you or give it to you. Suggest.

Dreaming that your clothes are caught by the door means that you will encounter some twists and turns when looking for a new lover, but these are just small difficulties, as long as you solve them with your heart, you will be fine.

Dreaming of kicking football and shooting goals, the ball-handling status while playing football reflects your current life steps, free ball-handling means that you can control your life, and shooting at the last minute means that you can benefit in love , Can smoothly communicate with the person you like, and soon fall in love.

Dreaming about rain when you go out is a good omen, it means that your life will be very good in the future, and you don't need to worry about food and accommodation.

Dreaming of being hit by an empty door indicates that money luck will increase. A small job on a temporary basis can have a high income-this kind of lucky thing will happen constantly, and your pocket will often be full.

Dreaming of cat eyes on the door means that you will be jealous of villains, even friends and colleagues for no reason. And if you look at others with cat eyes in your dream, it means that you are too cautious and do not trust others easily.

Dreaming of the door knocker and door latch means that you have no opinion in your heart and you must find someone to make an idea. Dreaming of a door bolt means that someone will ask you for help. If the door bolt is broken, it means that you are not satisfied with what your friend has done. It also means that you may be sick or that there will be a thief in front of your house.

To dream of an enemy stepping into the temple gate indicates that you can surrender the enemy and overcome difficulties.

To dream of many people begging along the door means that the settlement is going to be famine.

To dream of ringing the doorbell, or you hear the doorbell, indicates that you may have a sudden shock. It may be a breakthrough in work that brings joy, but it may also be the unfortunate news from relatives and friends that makes you sad.

To dream of flying into the gate of heaven means that you will get help from the nobles, everything will go smoothly, and the exam will pass smoothly. If you are doing business, many people will come to join you.