Seeing a dagger in a dream means that someone is threatening your safety.

To dream of taking his dagger from someone else’s hands means that you have a way to solve the enemy’s threat and overcome all unfortunate events.

Dreaming of a sharp sword means you will encounter danger.

A woman dreams of a sharp sword, and a thief or robber will visit her residence.

Dreaming of the sword inserted in the scabbard, if necessary, will get help from others.

Dreaming of the sword hanging on the wall means that life will be happy and peaceful.

To dream of stab someone with a sword will be attacked by the enemy.

To dream of others stabbing yourself with a sword, all sorrows will pass.

Dreaming of gifting someone else's sword means that the official will be prosperous.

A soldier dreams of a sword given to him by someone else and can obtain a high-level military medal.

A businessman dreams of receiving a sword as a gift from others will squeeze his competitors away.