In life, most people are wary of strangers. Their intentions are unpredictable, they may be threats, or they may bring new ideas and opportunities. Therefore, the stranger in the dream, the incarnation of the enemy, symbolizes threat or support, sometimes indicates hostility, the enemy, and sometimes may indicate a good turn for the better, making it difficult to see for a while.

Dreaming of making friends with strangers implies that your own friends are faithful and reliable.

Dreaming of arguing with strangers indicates that you will become famous and gain reputation.

A man dreams of talking with a stranger, you should be careful recently, because this is a sign of being deceived. Don't trust people lightly, as if it's not your turn, you can stay away from disasters by steadfastness.

When a woman dreams of talking with a stranger, there must be a disaster in her tongue. Maybe because of the unsatisfactory work and life, your husband will be angered, causing discord in the family.

Dreaming of strangers of similar ages indicates that you may start a new relationship recently. If you can strongly feel the goodwill of strangers in your dream, it indicates that you will fall in love; but if you feel annoying, there may be no ending between you, and you have to beware of crises.

If the stranger in your dream makes you feel alienated and distanced, it means that you are eager to have a successful and complete interpersonal relationship, and pay great attention to working hard to manage your interpersonal circle in your daily life.

If the stranger in the dream takes the initiative to call you a brother, showing a “self-acquaintance” appearance, it means that the dreamer has a strong self-protection mentality, and will never trust strangers rashly, and will unconsciously maintain a certain level. distance.

To dream of strangers asking yourself questions or interrogating your own private affairs means that you are very unwilling to expose yourself in front of others, which will make you very uncomfortable.

If strangers chatter, and you have been a listener in your dreams, it means that you do not like being passive in your interactions with others.

A man dreams of a stranger means that he will have a conflict with his neighbor, and may cause discord in the neighborhood because of some trivial things, so be careful.

A woman dreams of a stranger breaking into her home, reminding you to be careful of being stolen in your home.

The wife dreamed of talking to a stranger, implying that she would have an argument with her husband.

An unmarried woman dreams of talking to a stranger indicates that she may go to someone else’s wedding, but it is difficult to find an ideal partner who agrees with her.

In terms of feelings, a woman dreams of a strange man approaching herself, she may reap unexpected love. If the dream is an elderly man, it indicates that you may be pursued by an unexpected boy who has never spoken to you; if the other person in the dream is a middle-aged man, it indicates that you may give to a friend Object development introduce you to become lovers; if the dream of the other side is a strange young man, maybe you will encounter playboy type of guys chasing you, but do not promise, but also to avoid regret; if the dream of a boy child , There may be love at first sight, but you may not have the conditions to develop smoothly.

When a woman dreams of an unfamiliar same-sex approaching, it may indicate that she will receive unsatisfactory news, such as rumors about herself, or scandals about a boy she likes and other people, etc. In the near future, she should try her best to avoid misunderstanding behaviors. Don't believe the rumors about your sweetheart, and check carefully if necessary.

Dreaming of the death of a stranger indicates that the hardship will pass, or the business will improve and make a lot of money.

The original is dead . (Male, 32 years old)

Dream analysis: Li Zhinian is the peak period of career. People in this period often have the spirit of bravery and fearlessness, but they still lack the philosophy of life. It is very easy to believe in the loyalty of buddies, and finally end up with a lonely family. A situation of nothing. The crops are the symbol of the fruits of victory. The harvest of your crops by others means that the fruits of victory are stolen by others. Therefore, you should pay more attention and think more in economic activities to avoid unnecessary losses.

[Dream Case 2]

In my dream, I seem to be on a street, a quaint street, but that street is not very familiar to me. At this time, a tall man came over and stretched out a strong hand. I also stretched out my hand and shook hands, feeling a force of strength. (Male, 22 years old)

Dream analysis: To conquer the world, humans must first conquer themselves; if humans want to conquer themselves, they must first conquer their own hands. All successful people can calmly and powerfully command their hands to conquer the world. To dream that your hands are long and strong means that your career will be successful. To dream that your hands are redder than before, and the official will be prosperous.

Dreaming of shaking hands with strangers here indicates that you will make new friends. This friend is not only powerful, but also brings you benefits you have never had before.