To dream of applying fragrance-free oil on your head means that your career will fail.

To dream of putting scented oil on the head makes the body strong.

To dream of rubbing oil on your body reminds you to pay attention to your health.

To dream of drinking oil indicates that the health of yourself or someone close to you will get better.

Dreaming of oil trading implies that income will decrease and business will encounter setbacks.

Dreaming of oil spilling on the ground, or the oil bottle rupturing, the oil spilled, implying that the business will be profitable.

Dreaming of butter usually indicates a desire for strength and energy.

Dreaming of olive oil indicates that life is rich and happy, and the desire for passion in the heart.

Dreaming of pouring oil and cooking vegetables indicates that you have doubts about someone and do not trust someone.

If you dream of frying things with a lot of oil, it implies that love will encounter setbacks.

Dreaming of oil symbolizes wealth.

To dream of digging oil wells to extract oil indicates that your income will increase substantially.

To dream of igniting oil indicates that your wealth will continue to decrease and you will go bankrupt.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream drinking oil. The scholars are literary and thoughtful, and the humble husband is delusional and treacherous. Desire is gone from then on. Menglin Xuanjie

Add oil to the lamp, and the article advances. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: All kinds of oil are very important in dreams. Salad oil represents an intermediate oil used to lubricate and reconcile various things, massage oil symbolizes care and petting, and motor oil represents your motivation to engage in a certain job.

Psychoanalysis: You may know that you finally got to where you are today because you rely on the effects of other people's "lubrication". You must clearly realize that bribery and bribery are not desirable, and that honest work is the right path to success.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual level, seeing oil in a dream represents the spirit of solemn ceremony or dedication.