Buying TV is a relatively important household consumption activity. Dreaming of buying a TV is a good omen, indicating that the family relationship is harmonious.

The boy who is still studying dreams that he is buying a TV for his girlfriend, indicating that you will buy some things for your girlfriend that you can’t afford to buy, and there will be an economic crisis, which directly leads to the need for you to borrow. Money can survive.

Dreaming of buying a TV with your girlfriend means that you hope that the emotional distance between you and your girlfriend will be closer, and the relationship will be sweeter.

The boy who started working recently dreamed of buying a TV with his girlfriend, which indicates that the relationship between the two people is developing very smoothly, and the marriage will be booked in the near future.

A married man dreams of buying a TV with his wife, implying that there is a big conflict between the husband and wife, and the man hopes that a third party can appear in his life to adjust his unhappy life.