To dream of listening to music (musical instrument or singing) is a good omen and good luck.

I dreamed that many people were playing music and singing, and the elder in the family was about to die.

To dream of being invited to a concert indicates that the dreamer can be respected by people.

To dream of playing a musical instrument, but the audience is sad, means that you will offend your friends.

To dream of a deaf person listening to music, sadness and pain are coming.

To dream of attending a concert held at an enemy’s house would be deceived by a friend.

The patient dreamed of listening to music and he recovered quickly.

A woman dreams that she is singing but there is no audience, which is a bad omen, and she will soon let go.

A young man dreams of a couple playing music, or singing with a sweet voice, he will make his life peaceful, and he can also dispel his sorrows and worries.

To dream of listening to a song is an ominous sign that you will hear unfortunate news.