Dreaming of lending money to others is a sign of wealth.

You may be cautious and careful when you do things, but when a tiger does nap, you may lose unexpected wealth.

It is recommended to do some good deeds in the near future. It is best to donate some money. When you see people begging for the elderly on the street, don’t be stingy with small money.

Dreaming that I go to the bank to save money, so my life will become richer and richer with the increase of fortune in my life.

Dreaming of lending money to others means that you are having trouble repaying your debts, and that your house leaks in the evening rain. A debt collector will come to you soon, making you even more annoyed, and it will directly affect your work after you come to collect debts.

Dreaming of borrowing money from someone, or someone else actively lending you money, indicates that you have suffered a loss. Others seem to only give you a small help. And if you dream of borrowing money from the bank, it means that you are determined to go your own way and your property is easy to lose.