Dreaming of poplar trees is a good dream if it is flourishing.

If a young woman dreams of standing under a poplar tree with her lover, it indicates that her most extravagant wish will be fulfilled. She will not only have a handsome and elegant lover, but also wealth and friends.

If the poplar tree is bare and there are only dead branches, it indicates that she will encounter disappointing things.

To dream of your father planting poplar trees means that older male characters bring you luck. Especially with the elders, I show you a caring vision, build a good relationship with them at work, and get close to them at work more smoothly.

Dreaming of a white poplar tree growing on your house indicates that your family will surely rise above the sky in the future. Good luck will soar into the sky. White poplar is also a symbol of beauty.

Dreaming of white poplars indicates that the spirit is strong, and it is very beautiful and cold.

Dreaming of poplar trees growing in your home indicates that your fortune is extremely prosperous.

Dreaming of cutting down poplars, the parents abandoned them.

When a woman dreams of poplars blooming, there will be unfortunate news for her natal family.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Yang is born in the earth, which is auspicious. Dreamsmeaning Book

Meng Yang. Dream of this lord is strong in spirit, very beautiful and cold, but it is not in time and suitable for ears. Secretary of Broken Dreams