Dreaming of jumping off a cliff is a bad omen.

The single noble dreamed of the recent love fortune of the cliff-jumping lord, but the impatience would fail, and the patience would succeed.

If a child dreams of jumping off a cliff, it will be a fortune in the near future, which will be fierce and difficult, and he must be careful of the villain.

A businessman dreams of jumping off a cliff indicates that the recent fortune will be delayed, but there is noble person to help, good luck.

Dreaming of jumping off a cliff will seriously threaten life and property.

To dream of standing on the edge of a cliff, disaster will come to you and your family.

Dreaming of falling off the cliff will lead to business closure.

A married woman dreams of falling off a cliff will be looked down upon by her husband.

Young men and women dream of falling off a cliff, which is an ominous omen, and their closest friends will fail.

The businessman dreamed of falling from a cliff, his business would be hit suddenly.

The patient dreamed of falling from a cliff and was in a difficult situation.

The old man dreamed of falling off the cliff, the child would die suddenly. A staff member dreamed of falling under a cliff would be in danger of being fired or dismissed.

To dream of a stranger falling from a cliff can conquer your enemy, but you will part ways with your supporters.

Dreaming of your wife falling off a cliff makes her wife more considerate of herself.

To dream of someone pushing yourself off a cliff will lead you to assault and possibly lose your life.