Dreaming of ripe oranges means that the dreamer’s good fortune is about to come and life will become more and more satisfactory.

An unmarried woman dreams of ripe oranges indicates that this unmarried woman will have the opportunity to become famous and popular.

To dream of peeling orange peels by yourself means that the dreamer's business or work will be greatly benefited.

To dream of sending oranges to others means that the dreamer will be praised and praised by others.

Unmarried men dream of selling oranges, which means that the dreamer will marry a beautiful young woman .

To dream of taking an enemy to the orange orchard is a good omen. It means that the dreamer will reconcile with this enemy as before, and the contradiction will be resolved.

Dreaming that someone else is destroying the orange orchard means that the dreamer has many enemies who do harm to himself in all aspects.

Dreaming of raw oranges means that the person in the dream has physical discomfort and needs to pay more attention.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream orange pomelo orange tangerine. If you dream of this Lord, you will give birth to a male. The scribes dream of this, the small test is excellent, should raise the rate. Quan chooses this dream, the southerners enter the capital, and the northerners take the place of Chu. Qing Xiangmeng is rewarded for this talented person, generals who will do meritorious service, dreams of poor and poor get rich, and dreams of sickness get sick. Those who do wrong dream about this, and disaster is coming. Menglin Xuanjie