If the dreamer enters the farmhouse or farmyard in the dream, this does not refer to the real life memory, then it means that the dreamer is related to the aspect of his own hometown. Many aspects of human behavior can be represented by animals in dreams (see animals), so sometimes they are more important than other dream factors.

People's natural impulses, such as wishing to obtain physical comfort, following the trend or conforming to the requirements of regional behavior, etc., will be fully displayed and reflected in a complete environment.

A farmhouse is an independent area. People live in it, carefree, prosperous, and feel safe.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream Guangting, good luck. This dream master is very expensive, living in the high hall. Menglin Xuanjie

Those who dream of the atrium have a happy event. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

In other people's hospitals, dominate. Dreamsmeaning Book

The courtyard is spacious and the main task is difficult. Dreamsmeaning Book

Sleep in the courtyard, Lord Shouyan. Dreamsmeaning Book