Dreaming of Deng Xiaoping means that he is your idol, and you respect and adore him psychologically.

Dreaming of Deng Xiaoping, the great man, means that you will rise above others. It is a good dream.

A great man, a representative of a successful person or an authority, shows that you are full of ideals and desire success. Or you encounter difficulties in reality and hope to get help from an elderly person or get inspiration for solving problems from there.

In people’s minds, the first great men I saw were my parents. The way a person interacts with great men in adulthood is often determined by his childhood experience. From a good helper to a profitable farmer, he will have a certain impact on him. The great man in the dream can tell you what is right or what should be done, whether you agree with it or not at first. This type of person actually represents the level of self-control judgment in your consciousness, which is the so-called "superego" in psychology. For you as a member of society, the policeman in your dream symbolizes the restraint and protection of the outside world.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of the first death and growth. Dreamsmeaning Book (Happy, Old, Sick and Dead )