Dreaming of making fists with your hands or gearing your hands usually means that there will be things in your career or life that will make you particularly excited.

Dreaming of beating tigers with bare hands indicates good fortune, especially for "Yangming Jinxiang". Although there is not much change, there will be small gains in investment. Long-term investment can be made appropriately to achieve considerable returns in the future.

A man dreams of beating a tiger with his bare hands indicates that his recent fortune is not very good, he will encounter unsatisfactory things, and he needs to be treated with a peaceful mind.

A woman dreams of beating a tiger with her bare hands indicates that she has a good fortune and will eat a lot of money.

A single person dreams of beating a tiger with bare hands, indicating that the love fortune is good, and they may have a relationship with the opposite sex around them. The small touch of mutual support between lovers will increase the degree of mutual die-cutting.

Workers dream of beating tigers with bare hands, indicating that communication with others at work will become more frequent, and gaining the best of others can get a lot of help, but the execution process becomes trivial, and there will be ideas to escape. Properly.

The old man dreamed of beating a tiger with his bare hands, indicating that his physical condition is normal, drinking water and exercise should be moderately controlled, and his waist is also prone to discomfort, so he must pay special attention to his exercise.

Students dreaming of beating tigers with bare hands indicate that they will get good results in the exam and will get good results with their own efforts.

The job seeker dreams of beating a tiger with bare hands, indicating that job hunting is average, and the recruiter’s attitude is relatively vague and will become unclear.

Dreaming of boxing usually means that the heart is full of hostility to the opponent.

If you dream of being knocked down in a boxing, it may also imply that you are guilty of something in your heart, and subconsciously punishing yourself.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

The dream was fisted and led away, fierce. Dreaming of being taken captive on this battlefield, imprisoned in a lawsuit, deceived in the camp, and lost in snobs, he should be cautious when dealing with matters. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream two punches are getting bigger, good luck. The increase of officials and relocation is a sign of rising position. Literati dreamed of this great price; ordinary people dreamed of this, and they must be entrusted by the nobles; military commanders dreamed of this, they would have enough food and strong soldiers. Menglin Xuanjie

Mengquan has golden balls, Ji. A woman dreams of this, giving birth to a kylin son; a man dreams of this, and encounters a good doctor in illness. Menglin Xuanjie