To dream of eating a buffet in a cafeteria usually symbolizes that you will be faced with a choice and bear the benefits or risks brought about by the choice, pleasure or disappointment.

Dreaming this kind of dream sometimes implies that you have to make quick choices among various names in your recent life.

When you have a meal in a cafeteria, faced with a wide variety of food, at a certain moment, you will be at a loss as to how difficult it is to choose.

The cafeteria in the dream means a choice full of possibilities.

The results of these choices are good or bad. You may make choices easily, or you may always be indecisive. It is more likely that you will have boring disputes with the clerk during payment. The mood swings in your dreams indicate how much we are in real life. , Is facing the same trouble as eating a buffet-you have to make some decisions as soon as possible among the seemingly diverse choices.

So, if you order some dishes in your dream, then you might as well think about the characteristics of those dishes! Is it something that looks delicious but is actually not delicious? Or is it something you have never dared to eat? Maybe Many interesting hints are on the dinner plate of your dreams.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of public buildings such as restaurants, restaurants or hotels in your dreams implies that you have no specific romantic partner, or that you want to learn unknown knowledge or meet all kinds of people. In your dream, dreaming that you met a man in a restaurant implies that you want to fall in love or get relief from sexual depression.

Psychoanalysis: The restaurant in the dream is a symbol of life.

Spiritual symbol: dreaming of a building from a spiritual perspective, symbolizing emotion and social interaction.