Dreaming of a washing machine in operation sometimes implies that the dreamer is eager to get rid of all sorts of annoying little troubles in recent life.

Dreaming that the washing machine is broken reminds you to be caring and considerate of others, especially your life partner, otherwise the relationship may break.

Unmarried men and women with lovers dream about washing machines, which means they are about to get married .

The unemployed dreamed that the owner of the washing machine had a good fortune recently.

The widowed divorced dreamed that the washing machine was going to go far, and there was a disaster in the middle.

Dreaming of washing clothes indicates that there will be happy occasions. For example, when I was sorting out the bookcase, the forgotten love letters that had been hidden in the pages of the book fell off.... This kind of thing is really something to be happy about.

Dreaming of washing dirty clothes indicates that life will be happy.

Dreaming of laundry and scrubbing happily indicates that something happy is about to happen, such as saying that your lover has a happy date with you, or there is an entertaining trip, outing, etc.

Dreaming of a washboard indicates that an embarrassing event will happen. If you see women using washboards, it means you will let women wear out your luck and energy. If you are using the washboard yourself in the dream, it means that you are a person who has no ambitions and is contented.